Y7 iPad experts

I used the iPads with 7AJ today to prepare their ‘how to be fit and healthy’ summary activity. 30 year 7, 8 iPads (one down with display problems), what could possibly go wrong? Fortunately, I found I had three Bath Spa ‘helpers’ which reduced my stress levels. As a matter of curiosity I asked 7AJ who had used an iPad either at home or elsewhere in school and every single student put up their hand. The time flew by but they were immediately engaged and very creative. iMovie was popular but some groups tried Sock Puppets or Comic Life.

Things I learned today:

  • The covers are a pain if you are using the camera to video. This can lead to students removing the case and an unprotected iPad.
  • Set up the task, give the success criteria and let them loose. It’ll probably work. We can get more refined as we become more accustomed to using them in class. I wouldn’t advocate this approach with every group but a bunch of keen Y7 with a creative task is fine. Better to capture the enthusiasm for sharing their ideas in Science.
  • IMovies tend to be too big to email so use the Dropbox facility to transfer student work to you. If you do this pick up the movies from Dropbox a.s.a.p. as there is limited space and anyone on an iPad could open the Dropbox and delete anything in there to make room.



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