iPad Project – Student Feedback

iPads have now been at PCSA since January and have been used in Science, English, Humanities and Music lessons.

I would like you to consider the questions below.

Have you enjoyed using the iPads during your lessons?

Have the iPads helped you learn new skills?

Why are iPads better than using computers?
Please comment on this blog post to provide some feedback and also your views on the next steps for the iPad project.

Thank you in advance

Mr G Smart


Using Comic Life App in Science – Students Feedback

Comic Life, the award winning photo comic creation software, has been redesigned for the iPad. It’s the funnest, easiest and fastest way ever to create photo comics on a mobile device. Your comics come to life with our integrated reader on the brilliant iPad display. It’s simple to get started with full page templates and panel layouts. Bring in photos from Photobooth or your library and use our powerful editing and design tools to get exactly the look you want.

Comic Life for iPad has everything you need for creating and sharing comics, including fun and quirky templates, stylized image filters, and an easy-to-use drag and drop placement. You have full control over the design of your comics with a huge selection design options – colors, fonts, gradients, balloons, captions, panels and more.

The Comic Life app is designed to parallel that of Apple’s iWork suite of apps, making it easy for you to transition your skills from Pages and Keynote to Comic Life. With similar tap functions and commands, it is simple to hit the ground running with Comic Life for iPad.

The app makes it easy to design your comic exactly the way you want. Create radial and linear color gradients for perfect the lettering effect, precisely place balloon tails with advanced controls, reshape image panels, build titles and captions with all of your favorite font and style choices.

When your comic is complete, use the integrated reader to flip though the pages on your iPad. You can also easily share your comic with other options: print, e-mail, or upload to Facebook. New to Comic Life for iPad is our innovative In Tray option which allows you to share your comics with other iPads nearby. Comic collections provide a simple way to keep things tidy as the number of comics created on your iPad increases.