Making Bubble Counting More Accurate

The host of bubbles that come off photosynthesising elodea can be more or less impossible for students to count. iPads solve the problem. By using iMovie a film of the experiment can easily be obtained – the students can then count the bubbles from the film. At low light levels this counting can occur directly from playback – still better as the students are able to be far more certain of whether they have seen a bubble or not. At higher light levels where oxygen bubble production is more vigorous it is better to use frame by frame analysis to do the count. This degrees a degree of accuracy which simply isn’t possible with the naked eye or with ordinary ‘on-phone’ video applications. Whilst it is possible to do the experiment where the gas is caught and measured – this approach is rather faster and more fun.

Other similar uses might include speed measurement; assessing acceleration and checking he rates of reaction of metals such as tin and zinc – in the latter case you may want to use an app that allows you to mark bubbles as they are counted.



Smarter Learning is a new exciting way to demonstarte learning or just make a very creative eye catching video! It includes all the drawing animations to wow your colleagues, classmates or students. It is empowers you to create a superb stop motion style animations but a lot quicker and easier.

You can choose from a wide variety of pictures that can be drawn onto the canvas and also a range of text styles to choose from.
Once you have edited your VideoScribe, you may share to Camera Roll, YouTube, Facebook or Dropbox where they can then be shared with the world.

Features include:
• easy to use
• ‘lifelike’ drawing style
• scale, rotate and arrange images & text with endless possibilities
• use our growing library of hundreds of images
• import your own logos or artwork (.svg format only)
• link to Dropbox for image import, music and exporting…

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iPads with new Year 7 students – Comic Life App

The new Year 7 students were very much on the ball with using iPads and were very much raring to go. After successfully obtaining their Bunsen Burner Licence students were asked to create an instruction manual for using a Bunsen Burner safely in a Science laboratory.

Students used Comic Life to produce their comics and worked in small groups of 3 or 4. The students produced some amazing Comics and worked exceptionally well as a team.

The students learnt how to send work from the iPads which will be a massive help later on as this seems to be an issue with some groups. During the last 10 minutes of the lesson students and teachers are frantically trying to share work with peers and practising this skill will hopefully make the end of the lesson panic a thing of the past.