Smarter Learning

As teachers, we are constantly looking for new ways to engage pupils, yet we often overlook resources that are right under our noses. In my case, it was my 83-year-old grandfather John Smart, a retired hydrologist who probably knows more about some aspects of the science curriculum than I do.

But it took months of discussing various scientific concepts and experiments with him over the phone before the penny finally dropped and I invited him to be part of a lesson. He was thrilled and the results were priceless.

My grandfather worked for the Institute of Hydrology on a project in the Hafren Forest of Mid-Wales, where he focused on the management, monitoring and protection of water quality and its sources. So setting up a Skype call with such an expert, recording it and showing it to a Year 7 class to help facilitate their learning about acid rain seemed…

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Space Apps


Just used the ‘nasa’ app and the ‘solar system’ app with a BTEC group and it was great. The students used the information to create a solar system poster. All the information was clearly layed out with images which allowed to really understand the information they were gathering. Each app contains a picture and facts about each planet, meaning their is no need to hunt through the internet.