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Smarter Learning

Making movies always engages students and now using iMovies pre set Movie trailer templates students find it easier and even more engaging to produce an outstanding movie trailer. iMovie allows students to easily create a Hollywood-style movie trailer.

Students can choose from 12 trailers with stunning graphics and original scores by some of the world’s top film composers. They can also customise film studio logos, cast names and credits in outline view, add and adjust videos and photos in Storyboard view and add existing content from your library, or record new footage straight into the trailer

Students can produce a movie trailer to demonstrate their learning or share the knowledge they acquired during the lesson. The movie trailers can easily be shared with the world via YouTube from within the iMovie app.

Due to the limitations within the templates students must be concise with there information and carefully select the appropriate…

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Smarter Learning

BrainPOP UK Featured Movie app is an excellent app that allows students to learn independently in a classroom environment as well as on the move.

Students can download the app on their iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch and learn something new every day for free.

Students can watch a different animated movie each day, then o test their knowledge they can take an interactive quiz. This is an excellent resource for a tutor time activity as well as topical videos that may be linked to your particular subject area. The subjects Science, Humanities, English, Maths, Arts, PSHE & Citizenship, and Design & Technology. Site subscribers can log in and access all BrainPOP content directly from the app. A free trial can be obtained from

Recently I used the BrainPOP app to encourage students to learn independently from the teacher with great outcomes. Students where motivated to learn as they were in…

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Using ipads to record BTEC assignment evidence

Last term I used the ipads frequently in BTEC lessons as a varied way to record assignment evidence. Students used a variety of apps to record evidence as I feel that as long as the success criteria are clear, the method of presentation used by the students doesn’t matter.
If students comic life or popplet work can easily be printed to go in assignment files. However videos and animations can also be used as evidence, all the teacher needs to do is to complete an evidence sheet which can then be put in the student’s file. I have found videos and animations a great way of recording evidence for students with low literacy levels. I have attached examples of work completed by two year 11 students for assignment 14.1.