Y8 punctuation videos using iPads

Year 8 spent a lesson using iPads to make punctuation videos. The purpose of the videos was to make a resource that could be used to revise/learn the use of a variety of puntuation marks, particularly those classed as complex punctuation, and those which are commonly misused. The class were split into groups and were randomly given 2-3 punctuation marks. For each puntuation mark they needed to show what it looked like, what it was called, explain how it was used and give three examples of each use it had.

I put various photocopies of texts saying how to use different pieces of punctuation around the room, and using their initiative, both iPads and phones were used for research.

Not only did the class use critical skills and PLTS to ensure they produced a video to brief and to the best of their abilities, but they had the opportunity to use ICT to make a resource that will be useful for them, me and other classes alike.