Displays come alive with Aurasma app

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Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 20.24.04Aurasma app is a new way to see and interact with the world. Aurasma is available on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Aurasma is an augmented reality app that’s changing the way that classroom displays can come alive. Adding an effortless way to make displays more interactive and improving an otherwise unchanged way of displaying students’ work and information within the classroom. Aurasma is the only application that lets you create and share your own augmented reality. This is one of the reasons why Aurasma is such an excellent app to engage students in the learning environment. Below is one of the ways that I have used Aurasma to bring one of the Literacy posters to life in my classroom.


Using the simple tools within the app, you can create your own Auras (as above) and share them with other Aurasma users and therefore anybody with the app can view the Auras…

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App Smackdown between @ICTEvangelist and @gavinsmart at #TMClevedon

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Mark – Tap Roulette and Decide Now

Gavin – Too Noisy  and Decibel 10th

Mark – Cloud Art

Gavin – Wordfoto

Mark – Moldiv

Gavin – Spout

Mark – Space craft 3D

Gavin – Anatomy 4D

Mark – Oboto

Gavin – Thinglink

Mark – Wifi photo

Gavin – Electric Slide

Mark – Nearpod

Gavin – SpreakerDJ

The verdict…

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Broadcast students’ learning live using Spreaker DJ.

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Spreaker DJ app is available for iPad, iPhone or Android  devices and also available at www.spreaker.com . Spreaker transforms your device into a full-featured radio station, allowing you to mix your voice with your music library and a range of sound effects. Broadcast your lessons live or have students broadcast their learning by running their own radio station during the lessons. Students can create podcasts that could be listen to after the lesson as a form of revision or to review their learning. Students and teachers can easily share their shows via twitter, Facebook or email.  Another excellent feature is the ability to chat to the DJs during the show and could be used as an excellent way to increase the interaction between students all over the world.

Login using your Twitter account and start broadcasting today! The link below links to the show broadcast live from a lesson last…

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Y8 punctuation videos using iPads

Year 8 spent a lesson using iPads to make punctuation videos. The purpose of the videos was to make a resource that could be used to revise/learn the use of a variety of puntuation marks, particularly those classed as complex punctuation, and those which are commonly misused. The class were split into groups and were randomly given 2-3 punctuation marks. For each puntuation mark they needed to show what it looked like, what it was called, explain how it was used and give three examples of each use it had.

I put various photocopies of texts saying how to use different pieces of punctuation around the room, and using their initiative, both iPads and phones were used for research.

Not only did the class use critical skills and PLTS to ensure they produced a video to brief and to the best of their abilities, but they had the opportunity to use ICT to make a resource that will be useful for them, me and other classes alike.