iPads in Humanities


1 thought on “iPads in Humanities

  1. Beneficial Competition

    It has often been challenging to sustainably improve learners’ basic geographical understanding, for example where countries are located. I have lost count of the amount of times the question, ‘Name an LEDC country?’ has been met with the response of ‘Africa Sir’. I have found that in order for real improvements to be achieved the learning has to be enjoyable as well as regularly reviewed (spaced learning).

    By using the ipads we now have quick direct access to online geographical quizzes such as the one found at http://www.lizardpoint.com/fun/geoquiz/euroquiz.html. Teams have been established in my KS3 classes an at the end or start of every other lesson competitions can be had on which group can amass the most amount points in three minutes of play. League tables can be formed and most improved teams can receive prizes.

    Quick and sustainable impact.

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